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Meet Sonaali, an emerging independent artist whose music effortlessly blends genres of R&B, Indie, and Pop with her soulful voice and artistry. Trained from a young age as a professional vocalist and recording artist, she has performed in various singing competitions, at events ranging from the “The Taste Of Danforth” to “Freefall Sundays,” to major Galas and additional events across Ontario. While Sonaali grew up loving the extreme skills of Beyoncé and has great admiration for the creativity and improvisation chops of Alicia Keys, it seems her exposure to R&B music and styles of great pop singers had the biggest influence on her. Her music is frequently compared to the works of artists such as Ariana Grande, Kehlani, and Jhené Aiko.  Sonali'' musical journey is a tapestry of influences that impact her music and resonate with a diverse audience.


Based in Toronto, Sonaali's South Asian heritage serves as a source of inspiration for her music through her unique melodies, adding depth to her compositions. She strives to seamlessly blend inspirations from her culture with contemporary R&B and pop elements allowing her to create refreshingly innovative music. She has the skills and unique musicality to create a new sound, a true hybrid bearing her Canadian and Indian influences, taking her songs to a completely new place.  


Sonaali burst onto the scene with her debut single, “Like a Tide” which was released in August 2022. The track showcased her ability to craft heartfelt lyrics and deliver them with a voice that effortlessly evokes emotions. She recently released her latest creation “Solo” this September. Her newest single captures her artistic evolution, capturing themes of empowerment and self-discovery through relatable lyrics and captivating vocals. She continues to dedicate immense time and energy to her craft to transform her sound which is a true testament to her commitment and growth as an artist.


Her powerful vocals and radiant energy shines through her music and performances. Her goal is to entertain and draw people onto a journey by showing her ability to endlessly change the melody at her whim. Having the freedom to improvise using her extraordinary range drives her style. Sonaali hopes to empower others with her music and develop connections with her listeners through the emotion in her lyrics.

As Sonaali navigates the dynamic Toronto music scene, her powerful vocals and dedication to connecting with listeners set her on a path to make a lasting impact. Her distinct sound will continue to carve her place in the world of R&B, Indie, and Pop music.

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